Learning activity – Giving the visual identity a place to live

  • Refer to Assignment 1 above and create a logo for the Summer Olympics of 2016. Pay careful attention to all the components of visual identity and the principles of design, such as typography, colour, symbolism, cultural perceptions, etc. Clearly state which colour scheme from Assignment 1 above inspired your logo design. Also be very clear on the concept and symbol of your logo and why these were chosen.

  • Once you’ve designed the logo, flesh out the visual identity onto additional touchpoints. You must design the following touchpoints and may add extras of your own choice:

    • T-shirt
    • Signage for bathrooms (men, women and disabled)
    • Banners to be used at the entrance of the stadium

Publish your logo from Step 1 and your touchpoints from Step 2 in PDF format. Make sure that the document is neat and well presented.

Til denne oppgaven har jeg funnet et symbol og bilde jeg ønsker å bruke i utvikling av logo, det er et bilde av en kjent klippe.



I prosessen har jeg tatt noen screenshots. Slik ser jeg for meg at logoen kan være, men eventuelt med en annen font og andre farger.

Skjermbilde 2012-12-22 kl. 22.22.11

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